Review: Surprise Me

Surprise Me

by Sophie Kinsella

📖 | Genre: Romance

⭐️| Rating: 4/5

📚| Review: My first romance of the year and my first time reading a Sophie Kinsella novel did not disappoint. Surprise Me was such a sweet and slow change of pace. At the center of this story is Sylvie, a working mom of two, who knows her husband Dan better than anyone. When she tries to keep the romance of their marriage alive with spontaneous surprises, Sylvie opens a Pandora’s Box of former romantic flames, unexplained family tension, and most notably the feeling that the man she knows best is hiding something from her. Like Abby Jimenez, Kinsella puts her protagonists in situations involving real conflict and develops her characters through her plot.

I also appreciated the humor in this novel as evident in our narrator. Sylvie doesn’t take herself too seriously and embraces the cringe rather than taking on the tried-and-true romance novel trope of the awkward, beautiful girl. Instead Sylvie lets so much of what everyday life throws at her, roll off her shoulders. However, as much as we knew got to know Sylvie, I still felt there was a distance with Dan. Admittedly, this is part of the story, but by the end I didn’t feel as if he was as fully developed as Sylvie was. I would have loved a quick point of view change with his perspective to wrap the novel up in a bow.

Surprise Me was a gentle, light-hearted story about a husband and wife learning how to fall in love all over again. This wasn’t a five star read for me because the ending was an extremely slow burn, but I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting to. I’ve also learned I’m a sucker for any piece of fiction set in England and I will continue to explore this unique preference that’s part of my reading habits. If you’re looking for a delightful read with the marriage in trouble trope, pick up this book. If you have more Sophie Kinsella recommendations, send them my way!

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