Review: The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners

by Christina Lauren

πŸ“– | Genre: Fiction/Romance

⭐️| Rating: 3/5

πŸ““| Summary: When the entire wedding party and all the guests get food poisoning from the seafood buffet at her twin sister’s wedding, Olive finds herself grateful for her shellfish allergy. Unfortunately, the food fiasco means the bride and groom are indisposed and can’t embark on their non-refundable, unexchangeable honeymoon. Olive’s sister insists she take it and the groom begs his best man/brother to go in his place. Soon the two arch rivals find themselves acting as husband and wife to keep appearances up for an all expenses paid vacation.

“I like my body. I’m never going to let someone make me feel bad about it or about cheese curds.”

p. 19

πŸ“š| Review: This book was the epitome of brain candy: I devoured it in a single day and was left with a sweet reading high afterwards. The Unhoneymooners is your typical enemies-to-lovers trope, which means for the most part, it’s fairly predictable. Like all nemesis who can’t shake an attraction to one another, these characters also have plenty of sexual tension. The plot itself was entertaining and I found myself chuckling at some of the witty, one-liners. All the story lines gave this romance a more imaginative feel than some other romance novels I’ve read before. Another pro, it wasn’t as cheesy as I was anticipating; I’m a sappy romantic but only to a point before I begin to roll my eyes and skip ahead the pages.

Additionally, The Unhoneymooners wasn’t laden with chapters upon chapters of sensual writing. In fact, it only featured a few steamy scenes. Author duo Christina Lauren described it as “closed-door” romance allowing the reader to infer what happens instead of throwing it in your face.

I also think my setting in which I read this book could not have been more perfect. I started and finished this while on vacation in Florida which means most of my reading was done either on the beach or poolside. Since the narrative takes place in Hawaii, I wasn’t envious of the descriptions of beautiful landscapes and didn’t need to use my imagination too much. I also had started this right after reading some heavy, dense historical fiction and this was a perfect book pick me up to avoid what would have been a reading slump.

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Reasoning the Rating

Overall, I rather enjoyed this book for its playful humor and amusing storyline. I could easily see this becoming a summer romantic comedy movie one day or at least a Netflix Christmas special. This is actually my very first Christina Lauren novel and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even though, these two women have published so many novels in such a short amount of time, this was the first one I was inclined to pick up and it won’t be the last. Books like these remind me why I enjoy switching up genres and keeping my reads very different. While I loved this novel, I couldn’t read books like this everyday or I’d become bored and need something with a larger emotional meaning or at the very least digs deeper. If you’re looking for an easy airplane or vacation read, I recommend picking up this one for a mindless escape into a romantic paradise where you’ll be smiling in the sun the entire time. (GR)

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